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Garage opens new POP-UP summer pavilion in Gorky Park

Garage opens new POP-UP summer pavilion in Gorky Park

18 June 2013

The Garage Centre for Contemporary Culture will tomorrow open a new temporary summer pavilion in Gorky Park. Named POP-UP, the project provides an opportunity for young Russian architects to rethink the concept of temporary pavilions as recreation spaces. It has been designed by a team of architects who won a construction competition held last March: Vasily Bantsekin, Ilya Ternovenko, Sergey Nebotov and Maxim Khazanov, with the participation of Olga Lebedeva and Anastasia Balakireva. The team has strived to create a conceptual, multifunctional public space, that is both easy to build and in harmony with its surroundings.

POP-UP, located close to Pionersky Pond at the park’s entrance, consists of a number of mushroom shaped awnings. “It will be open, without walls, and inside there will be no sharp corners. On top there will be nine tent coverings,” said Khazanov. Visitors will be able to borrow books from the POP-UP library, use the free Wi-Fi and play badminton and table tennis. Children will be able to play at being architects by building cities out of soft blocks.

Garage director Anton Belov said: “Last year we started a tradition of supporting young artists and architects, so this year we are presenting a new summer pavilion center designed by young Russian architects.”

The pavilion will be open until August.