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Russian fast food chain blames ‘political tensions’ for US closures

Russian fast food chain blames 'political tensions' for US closures

15 June 2018

Russian fast food chain Teremok has closed its US outlets after experiencing what it describes as “open animosity” in New York.

The budget street food brand, which specialises in Russian pancakes, soups and salads, arrived in New York in 2016, eventually opening two branches in Manhattan.

But Teremok CEO Mikhail Goncharov complained in March that the chain was facing “growing animosity” in the city, accusing city health inspectors of pestering employees about the company’s links to Putin and Russian money laundering. One of Teremok’s US restaurants was briefly closed in mid-March after inspectors found rodents on site, but was reopened on a follow-up inspection.

Goncharov confirmed the closure in a statement on Wednesday, but said that he would not comment further to avoid “unneeded political speculation”. The company has already announced that it’s planning further expansions into Germany, China and Japan.