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Structure Photography: explore the city like never before with Serbia’s Nikola Olić

3 July 2018

Photographer Nikola Olić uses his lens to transform city spaces into mindbending urban art galleries.

Born in Serbia and currently based in Dallas, Texas, Olić says that focusing on architecture and form means that he can constantly push what’s possible — whether he’s visiting Hong Kong or Fort Wayne, Indiana.

“I take photographs of things I enjoy and spaces I love to explore [...] cities and architecture and urban and social truths that tie them all together,” he says. “It’s exciting to walk around and get to know a city and its buildings intimately.”

He says that he has no expectations of what he will find, or the photographs he will take, infusing each image with a certain creativity and unpredictability.

“The job of an architect, I imagine, is to themselves imagine all the possible ways their building could be interpreted by a city and by its people. I wonder how far can that be pushed, to produce a visual of an architectural piece that the architect themselves could feel unfamiliar with.”