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Support the team recreating Ukraine’s Maidan uprising in virtual reality

Support the team recreating Ukraine's Maidan uprising in virtual reality

26 September 2018

A team of journalists, programmers and 3D artists are recreating the deadliest day of Ukraine’s Maidan revolution as an immersive VR documentary.

Aftermath VR: Euromaidan will follow the events of 20 February 2014, when government forces opened fire on protesters, killing 50.

Users retrace the same path protesters took as they fought back against police forces, bringing the street to life using photogrammetry and CGU.

By using VR headsets, they’ll be able to explore the street and access archival footage, 360° video interviews with eyewitnesses and scanned Euromaidan artifacts.

The project received a Journalism 360 Challenge Grant in 2017, but is now crowdfunding online to complete the final product.

“Aftermath VR: Euromaidan is a challenging project that combines sophisticated visual storytelling and innovative technology,” organisers say. “Most of the things that we are working on in the project have never been accomplished before, such as reconstructing a massive urban area in great detail in virtual reality.”