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5 electronic artists we’re most excited for in 2019

5 electronic artists we’re most excited for in 2019

We’re kicking off February with a fresh music list to help you fight that winter slump.

1 February 2019


St Petersburg-born, Berlin-based composer Victoria Trunova, aka KOY, makes auto-tune heavy electro-pop anthems for an alien nation in a far-flung universe. Her Dictatorship Techno EP is equal parts seductive and ferocious, inspired by avant-garde manifestos and political speeches. We especially love her penchant for fairytale headdresses, which makes her look like a character straight out of Russian folklore.


In 2018, Lara Sarkissian (who also goes by the DJ name FOOZOOL) delivered two flaming tracks, Obsidian and Lezginka Dance Scene, both of which fuse the murky bunker world of techno clubs with the Armenian music she grew up with, as well as Arabic and Persian pop. Her debut EP 8ULENTINA, released on the Club Chai label she founded, is an exhilarating collection of diaspora-driven club music that could be played all over the world.

Anushka Chkheidze

Georgian artist Anushka Chkheidze is a true composer at heart, taking you on an emotional journey with gentle, slow-paced, restorative beats. Three of her tracks feature on the 2019 Sleepers, Poets, Scientists compilation alongside eight other female producers from Georgia — an intelligent record that explores the intricacies of ambient sound and deserves a whole lot of attention.


Ljubljana-based musician КУКЛА (KUKLA) bills herself as a “Slavic gangsta geisha pop artist”. Her debut album Katerina flits from punchy electric pop to minimal folk to sultry ballads that marry her love of 90s Serbian music with the R&B of the early noughties. Expect plenty of autotune, vintage synths, squelchy beats, haunting vocals, and guitar solos.

Islamiq Grrrls

Witchy aesthetics and soft R&B vocals make Islamiq Grrrls a quintessentially 2010s artist. Yet there’s more to Asja’s sound than millennial references: her album Faminine Mystique, made in collaboration with San Francisco-based underground producer oOoOO, is influenced by iconic female vocalists such as France Gall and Astrud Gilberto, and the pop-folk Balkan ballads the Bosnian artist grew up with in Germany.

This list was originally published on and in collaboration with JagerVibes.

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5 electronic artists we’re most excited for in 2019

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