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Yandex launches interactive search results

Yandex launches interactive search results
Yandex headquarters in Moscow

26 July 2013

Internet search giant Yandex, dubbed ‘Russia’s Google’, has launched the beta version of Islands, a new search platform that gives users a shortcut to the content they require. For example, instead of clicking on several links to check into a flight or book cinema tickets, with Islands, an interactive box will now appear on the search results page. The box will change depending on the query, presenting users with blocks of text, video, pictures or interactive forms. Islands are currently available to users in Russia, Ukraine and Turkey.

Taras Sharov, head of the Yandex project, said: “It’s a concept in which we provide the platform, and site owners fill it with content. Today, we’re taking the next step and releasing the beta version of Islands with the first interactive answers.” Yandex is the dominant search engine in the Russia, with 61.6% of the market compared to Google’s approximate 25%.