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Experimental music festival kicks off in Kaliningrad

Experimental music festival kicks off in Kaliningrad

11 April 2014
Text Nadia Beard

An experimental music festival opens in Kaliningrad next week, offering up a platform to Russian and European sound artists. Sound Around Kaliningrad will feature a number of prominent experimental musicians including British art group Wet Sounds, who stage underwater audio performances, and Carl Michael von Hausswolff, a Swedish visual artist who has feaured in the Venice Biennale and Manifesta.

The festival, which will play host to a range of activities including concerts, workshops and sound art installations, is just one of many similar projects organised by the Baltic Branch for the National Centre of Contemporary Arts, a Kaliningrad-based institution. Others include Sound Art Camp, a residency for sound artists from around the world; and Acoustic Diagnostic, a project that explores sound landscapes within Kaliningrad.

Sound Around Kaliningrad will take place from 17 to 19 April at venues across the Russian enclave, including Kaliningrad zoo, Zarya cinema and the roof of the Kronprinz barracks.