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First music salon opens in Ljubljana

First music salon opens in Ljubljana
Ljubljana (Image: Miran Rebrec, ModriDirkac under a CC licence)

5 October 2015

The Salon for One Music (Salon za ENO glasbo) opened its doors last Saturday, becoming the first music salon in the Slovenian capital.

The new concert venue, which is run by a group of freelance artists from the Singing Bowl and the One Music Society associations, promises a space for “intimate artistic experiences”.

As well as a concert venue, the Salon of One Music will also serve as an audio-video recording studio. Founded on the principle of “cultural self-sufficiency”, the project has been set up without the help of public money and aims to help musicians who lack the funds for recording.

The Salon for One Music is housed in the Pirkmajer Villa, which was formerly home to the US marines employed to protect the US Embassy in Ljubljana. The villa will be open to visitors on Saturdays, when music and other cultural events will take place.

The organisers have one rather unusual requirement of visitors: they must wear slippers.

“Music sounds different when you’re wearing slippers. As soon as people take off their shoes, they are no longer at a public event,” stated Janez Križaj, one of the salon’s founders.

The villa will also host a music school, which will help to finance the salon.

Source: The Slovenia Times