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Leonardo DiCaprio ready to play Lenin

Leonardo DiCaprio ready to play Lenin
(Image: Siebbi under a CC licence)

16 December 2015

Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio has expressed his desire to play Vladimir Lenin in a film.

According to Russian news site Planet Today, DiCaprio revealed his wish to play Lenin while speaking about his new film, The Revenant.

The actor’s enthusiasm for Soviet films and film posters, as well as the possibility of him gaining Russian citizenship, has also been widely reported in the Russian press.

DiCaprio’s maternal grandmother was born in Perm, close to the Ural mountains in Russia, and was able to speak Russian. He is reported to have hit it off with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who called the actor a “real man” for making the trip to a summit on the future of tigers in St Petersburg in 2010, despite safety scares during his journey to Russia.

Source: Planet Today (in Russian) and Mir24 (in Russian)