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Design of Kazakh independence anniversary monument revealed

Design of Kazakh independence anniversary monument revealed
(Image: Official website of Astana

21 December 2015

The design of a monument to be erected in the Kazakh capital, Astana, to commemorate the 25th year of Kazakhstan’s independence, has been unveiled.

Almaty-based Yedil Alimbekov won an open competition to design the monument, the final location for which is yet to be determined by the State Commission on Monuments.

According to Mr Alimbekov, the monument, which takes the form of a stele, will include 25 edges, each of which represents a milestone in Kazakhstan’s history since its independence in 1991.

“The light silver colour of the suggested material, which is titanium [...] is interpreted as a further movement of the country along the path of creation. The monument, moving up to the sky, marks our best aspirations and spiritual impulses,” said Mr Alimbekov, whose design beat 65 other entries to win the open competition.

Kazakhstan will celebrate the 25th anniversary of its independence in December 2016.

Source: The Astana Times