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Khroniky: Ukrainian experimental folk opera performance in London

Khroniky: Ukrainian experimental folk opera performance in London
(Image: Lucia Nimcova)

2 March 2016

Khroniky, an experimental folk opera drawing on material gathered in western Ukraine, will be presented this weekend in London’s Bermondsey.

Artists Lucia Nimcova and Sholto Dobie, from Slovakia and the UK respectively, will present their archive of material through a mixture of video, sound and performance. Described as a folk opera, rather than a traditional documentary, their work comprises songs, stories, music and field recordings. The artists seek to capture the hidden realities within communities that are excluded from the main historical narrative of the region.

The first part of the evening will see the artists performing a partly improvised score, featuring widely varying sources, from industrial machinery to children’s songs. Following their performance, Nimcova and Dobie will screen Tall Tale (2015), an exploration of the alternative folklore of the region through song and video.

The event will take place at The Laughing Bell in London’s Bermondsey on Saturday 5 March at 7pm. Admission is free. More information can be found here.