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Hispano-Polish design studio creates modernist architectural matryoshka blocks

3 March 2016

Poznan-based Hispano-Polish design studio Zupagrafika has created a set of modernist architectural matryoshka blocks.

Called “Blokoshka”, the matryoshka blocks pay homage to the pre-fabricated modernist structures of the post-war urban environment in European cities.

The set of nesting blocks is composed of four pre-cut and pre-folded blocks made of recycled cardboard. They can be put together without need for glue or scissors, and fit perfectly inside one another. The structures featured in the set are the “sleeping districts” of Moscow, the plattenbau blocks of East Berlin, the Warsaw estates built over the ruins of the former ghetto, and Prague’s panelák blocks.

Zupagrafika is headed by David Navarro and Martyna Sobecka.

Source: Designboom