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Russian news site LifeNews closes, Life opens

Russian news site LifeNews closes, Life opens
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18 April 2016

Russian media mogul Aram Gabrelyanov has closed news site LifeNews to make way for a new project — Life.

According to Mr Gabrelyanov, Life will be the Russian version of social news and entertainment site Buzzfeed, with its main platform being the internet rather than television. Besides editorial and viral content, the site will also include material from the LifeNews television channel and gossip website

The media head has promised to answer any questions readers may have about the new project, encouraging them to use the hashtag #Life in their messages.

Life will form part of the News Media media holding group, which is headed up by Mr Gabrelyanov and includes newspapers Izvestia, Life (Zhizn) and Your Day (Tvoy Den), as well as the LifeNews television channel, and websites.

Source: Afisha (in Russian)