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First Kazakh design showroom opens in Moscow

First Kazakh design showroom opens in Moscow
(Image: Nomadʼy / Nomadʼы )

9 May 2016

The first showroom dedicated to Kazakh designers has opened in Moscow.

The “Nomad’y” (Nomad’ы) showroom will feature the spring/summer collections of fashion designers Aika Alemi, Aigul’Kassymova, Sergey Shabunin, Dinara Nurlan and Urban Whisper, among others. In addition, a range of accessories made in Kazakhstan will be showcased.

“This is a very important moment for us, because for the first time we are introducing the whole of Russia not only to us, but to Kazakhstan’s fashion industry as a whole,” said the showroom’s organisers, Aygerim Tulemisova and Shifa Abdurakhman, “we are really proud of our compatriots and are sure that “Nomadʼy” will not be short-lived, but rather a project with promise for a big future.”

Source: Afisha (in Russian)