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First Armenian smartphone goes on sale

First Armenian smartphone goes on sale
(Image: ArmTab / ArmPhone‎ / Facebook)

7 June 2016

The first ever smartphone to be manufactured in Armenia went on sale yesterday.

The Armphone, made by joint American-Armenian venture Technology & Science Dynamics (TSD), is a touchscreen Android mobile phone and features a 5.1-inch, full HD-screen. The phone retails for between US$100-$300, depending on the specific features selected.

As the first Armenian smartphone, the company specialists felt it important to ensure that the Armphone had an Armenian Android interface and Armenian keyboard. The manufacturers have chosen the slogan “It’s time for Armenian products” to promote the phone, infusing the marketing of the product with more than a hint of national pride.

“The buyers will be pleasantly surprised by the choice of ringtones based on music pieces by famous Armenian composers,” TSD added.

The Armphone is accompanied by Armtad, a tablet produced by the same company.