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Russian music collective IC3PEAK speaks out against homophobia in a new video

14 June 2016

The latest video form Russian post-internet pop band IC3PEAK is a protest against homophobia in the country.

The music video for GO WITH THE FLOW filmed in Brazil and Russia evokes the rich cultural history of the world’s LGBT community, from vogue balls in New York to worldwide prides. It comes at a particularly poignant moment as the world unites in speaking out for LGBT rights following the tragic shooting in Orlando.

The IC3PEAK members commented on the video: “We were in São Paulo on tour and met incredibly talented artists, dancers, make up artists and found a lot of support. They all were very passionate about the idea as they shared our struggle as an artistic queer community in a developing country. We can’t accept the fact that in Russia human rights and freedoms are restricted by ludicrous laws, particularly when it comes to LGBT community. GO WITH THE FLOW is about strong and brave personalities who remain true to themselves despite the pressure of the society. They are rare flowers blossoming in concrete jungles, they fight through rejection and condemnation and remain human.”

Homosexuality is legal in Russia, but difficulties faced by LGBT individuals and groups have increased in recent years. In 2013, Russian lawmakers banned “propaganda” that promotes “non-traditional sexual relations”, with scrutiny even extending to so-called “gay emojis”.