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Blocked Amazon could cause chaos in Russia

Blocked Amazon could cause chaos in Russia

23 June 2016

The blocking of the Amazon Cloud service in Russia is predicted to spell mayhem for many internet users.

According to Russian newspaper Izvestia, users of Netflix, Airbnb, Twitter and Dropbox, which all use Amazon hosting, could experience problems.

Russian media watchdog Rosmomnadzor added Amazon to its blacklist at the request of the Federal Tax Service, on the basis that one of its pages hosted an advert for “888poker”, with a link to download the online poker service.

“Amazon [...] does not care about the customer, placing content there. Roskomnadzor performs a control function, it has to block a site that violates the law of Russia,” said head of the Russian Public Centre for Internet Technology, Sergei Grebennikov.

Amazon attracts over 21.4 million users in Russian each month.

Source: Afisha (in Russian)