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Digital art takes centre stage at Astana Art Fest

Digital art takes centre stage at Astana Art Fest
Astana Art Fest 2015

24 June 2016

From 4–6 July Astana Art Fest will bring an array of contemporary art to the Kazakh capital, with works that make use of technology playing a special role this year.

With over 40 artists from Kazakhstan and Russia due to take part, the festival will feature contemporary art installations, video and sound art, theatre, DJ sets and other interactive performances.

“An urban art festival is like a camp of modern nomads who are open to the sun, wind, craftsmanship, communication and joy,” festival curator and Russian Union of Artists member Yana Malinovskaya recently told The Astana Times. “We will generate creative energy and direct it to produce joint ideas, solutions and projects in one space and in a short time.”

This year’s festival will see the digital art and poetry form part of the event for the first time, while a forum attended by experts and festival participants will discuss the role of art in public space.

Moscow-based artist and curator Elena Demidova, who works with contemporary approaches to poetry using computer, video and sound, will present a laboratory of digital poetry, while artists and teachers from Rodchenko School of Photography and New Media Alexei Shulgin and Aristarkh Chernyshev are due to present a digital installation.

Source: Astana Times