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These Hungarian grannies are more hipster than you

30 June 2016

If the thought of seeing your grandmother in a slogan tee is a bit cringeworthy, then coming across a whole gang of grannies wearing flat caps is sure to make you feel uncool.

These hipster grannies were all scouted by Hungarian photographer Júlia Standovár, who decided against using young models for a campaign shoot for Budapest-based fashion label BP Clothing.

“I felt that these ladies knew a lot more about the history of Budapest so it would be more authentic for a brand that’s all about Budapest,” Standovár explains her choice in models. Shot in 2013, before Standovár moved to NY, the shoot looks just as fresh three years on.

While none of these women have previous modelling experience, they seem to have nailed the typical “unsmiling” pose. However, as Standovár reveals, many of these grannies are actually glum about their home-town. “My grandmother is not in the series but we talk a lot about Hungarian politics and Budapest and the way it has changed over the last few decades — lets’ say she is not very optimistic,” Standovár says.

With the recent passing of one of the models, Ági (first portrait above), this post is a homage to her.

See an excerpt from Standovár’s latest photo book Hungry Hungarians here.