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Netflix picks up Croatian film

7 July 2016

Internet streaming giant Netflix has bought the rights to Croatian film You Carry Me, making it the first movie from the region to be picked up by the service.

Directed by Croatian writer-director Ivona Juka, You Carry Me (2015) tells the loosely connected stories of three women at different stages in their life: a pregnant producer, a director whose ageing father suffers from Alzheimer’s, and a neglected young girl who dreams of becoming a football manager.

“I am extremely proud that You Carry Me is the first film from the region [for] which Netflix has bought the rights for the whole world. This means that a Croatian film will get the biggest distribution in the world. In contrast to the limited distribution of Croatian films in European cinemas, which last only a month or two, mainly in art-house cinemas, our film, via Netflix, will be able to be watched by a wide audience over the next five years,” the film’s producer Anita Juka stated.

You Carry Me is a co-production between Croatia’s 4 Film, Vertigo from Slovenia, Serbia’s Sloane Film Production and the Montenegrin Galileo Production. It is in the running for Best European Film at the European Film Awards.

Source: Croatia Week