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Pokémon GO “reeks of Satanism,” say Russian Cossacks

Pokémon GO “reeks of Satanism,” say Russian Cossacks
Pokemon GO comes to Calvert 22

14 July 2016

Cossacks in St Petersburg have called for Pokémon GO to be banned in Russia.

“People should be dragged out of this virtual world, it reeks of Satanism. There are so many interesting things to do and people are just wasting their lives,” local radio station Baltika quoted Cossack leader Andrey Polyakov as saying.

According to Mr Polyakov, the group will send letters to the Russian consumer watchdog, the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service and Apple, requesting them to ban the game.

Pokémon GO is already a gaming sensation but has yet to be officially released in Russia. Earlier today, the Vedemosti business daily reported that the official launch would take place by 17 July.

The Cossacks are an ethnic group traditionally loyal to the Tsar and now known for their conservative and ultra-patriotic views, coming once again to prominence in Russian security affairs in recent years.

Source: TASS