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Workout: Moscow gym hosts young Russian and international artists

27 July 2016

A Moscow gym is now home to Planned Obsolescence, an exhibition by 15 young Russian and international artists that interrogates our relation to objects that are designed to be short-lived, fuelling consumerism and a constant cycle of renewal, while shaping our habits and identity.

In keeping with this theme, participating artists were asked to work remotely for no longer than a week to create works to be displayed in a high-tech fitness centre, working in “accelerated artistic production mode”. The works were purposely completed during the busy summer period, when the artists would have to fit the work around their prior commitments and create “on the run”. Most of the artists sent their plans by post, fax or online.

Planned Obsolescence is open now and will take place at Moscow’s Body-digital fitness / miltronic club until 10 August.

Source: O Fluxo