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Railroad rave: check out this train-inspired party pavilion in Latvia

31 August 2016

Jump on board the Night Train – a train-inspired party pavilion set in the grounds of a former brewery, designed by architecture students from the Riga Technical University summer school.

The Night Train sees an illuminated wooden carriage, made of locally-sourced Latvian pine, shuttle along a raised 13 metre-long track within the grounds of the Cēsis Beer Brewery, which is due to be transformed into an arts and science complex.

The project was carried out over the course of just two weeks, and under the supervision of tutors Theodore Molloy, Thomas Randall-Page and Niklāvs Paegle.

“We aimed to build a piece of infrastructure to facilitate and host social events,” Randall-Page said in a statement to Dezeen. “We wanted to create a structure which was super site-specific and engaged with the boundary condition between the picturesque Castle Park and the post-industrial Cesis brewery.”

Each of the four sections of the track signals different stages in the party. First of all, the carriage hovers above a table of welcome drinks and serves as a large table lamp, next creating a beacon of light through an opening in its roof. In the third stage, this light opening illuminates a dance floor, with the carriage’s fine light-defusing timber fringe parting to create a DJ area. At the end of the party, the carriage moves to the end of the track, protruding over the boundary wall to light up Castle Park.

Source: Dezeen