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25 Rebellion Road: experience the energy of a quarter-century of uprisings

19 September 2016

London’s 25 Rebellion Road is both a multimedia exhibition and a time capsule – a transformed space at an imaginary address that invites you to step into and celebrate the energy of 25 years of rebellions.

Created by Russian video-artist Margarita Novikova and Russian writer and documentary filmmaker Elena Michajlowska, 25 Rebellion Road features videos projected onto walls and furniture, forming a metaphysical place that encapsulates the energy of those who have stood up over the last quarter of a century.The imaginary room is inspired by the work of artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude.

Novikova and Michajlowska came to the creation of the time capsule while working on the documentary project, dealing with oral histories and documents from the August 1991 Soviet coup d’état.

You can find 25 Rebellion Road in the Lower Cafe Gallery at Rich Mix in London’s Shoreditch from 21 September until 1 October. The Open House for the exhibition will take place on 21 September. More information can be found here.