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Beware: Pokemon road sign installed in St Petersburg

Beware: Pokemon road sign installed in St Petersburg
Image: Instagram/real.piter

3 October 2016

A road sign depicting a Pikachu and two humans staring into their phones has appeared on the Griboedova embankment in St Petersburg.

By the Russian Museum and Church of the Saviour on Blood, the area is known among local Pokemon Go players as one of the best spots to catch Pokemon — according to the widespread fan theory, Pokemon spawn in the busiest areas in city centre.

The creators of the sign remain anonymous. News agency RIA suggested that they might get charged with illegal installation of road signs if they come forward. Meanwhile the director of the State Hermitage, the museum that owns the nearby Russian Museum, has told Interfax that the museum management doesn’t mind people catching pokemon on their premises.

This isn’t the first time that Pokemon Go craze has taken over the urban environment in Russia — a spherical monument in Yekaterinburg was transformed into a pokeball in July.

Source: TJournal