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Get your Cyrillic up to scratch with the Russian Alphabet Colouring Book

4 October 2016

Aren’t you glad that adult colouring books are a thing? Now you can both colour and learn your Russian ABCs with the Russian Alphabet Colouring Book, featuring the graphic works of artist Amanita.

Amanita fills his illustrations with a rich array of subjects, with a special emphasis on elements of Soviet and post-Soviet cultures. You might like to colour in cosmonauts, Sputnik or some political leaders – what colour should Lenin’s hair be?

Each of Amanita’s drawings depicts a word beginning with a different letter of the Cyrillic alphabet, with an English translation and pronunciation guide also shown, providing both an incredibly detailed and unique graphic landscape and a fun introduction to your Russian studies.

The Russian Alphabet Colouring Book is available to purchase from Fuel.