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Hyperbolic: American artist Crystal Wagner wraps art nouveau building in Łódź

21 October 2016

American interdisciplinary artist Crystal Wagner has transformed an art nouveau building in the Polish city of Łódź with her installation Hyperbolic, an organic growth that wraps around the building’s facade.

Created as part of the international art project UNIQA Art Łódź, curated by Michał Bieżyński, Hyperbolic is made up of wire, nylon, and cable ties, covering the site in a colourful sheath.

“I am interested in the dialogue between architecture and organic forms/structures found in nature,” Wagner explained.

“Wagner is taking over space [...] her outdoor realisations create the impression of ‘devouring’ different elements of architecture and street infrastructure. Wagner is usually using everyday textiles and synthetic materials to create her amorphous, organic structures,” Bieżyński says of the artist’s work.

Source: Designboom