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St Petersburg department store gets selfie room

St Petersburg department store gets selfie room
(Image: Cheungvogl)

2 November 2016

There’s nothing more embarrassing than being caught trying to get that perfect selfie — no fear, a St Petersburg department store has a place where your vanity can roam free.

Hong Kong-based architecture studio Cheungvogl added the selfie room to the spa set inside St Petersburg’s Au Pont Rouge department store, reminiscent of such European stores as Galleries Lafayette in Paris or London’s Selfridges. Key features of the new space include a long mirrored wall, a curved metal mesh ceiling, glass and white resin, with translucent fixed and sliding panels epitomising both privacy and openness.

“The ‘Selfie Room’, a testing and sample room, creates a stage for visitors to feel like performers, models and directors of self-image at the same time,” Cheungvogl commented. “By sharing the [selfie] through social media, visitors create 15-minute fame for themselves and advertisement space for the brand within their social networks.”

This could be your best selfie yet — the mirrored wall is designed to reflect the curved mesh which filters indirect lighting… goodbye shadows, and hello beautifully illuminated faces!

Au Pont Rouge has also gained recent fame for becoming home to a robotic shopping system.

Source: The Spaces