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Check out the UFO coup, the Polish-designed extraterrestrial home for chickens

2 November 2016

Polish designer Jakub Szczęsny of Warsaw-based studio SZCZ has come up with a home for chickens that is quite unique, some would say out of this world…

When asked to design a chicken coup for Missouri’s Saint Louis Science Centre, Szczęsny wanted to create a structure that was not only practical and comfortable, but also channelled a sense of fun. The result was a coup in the shape of a UFO.

Among the playful touches to the project include a long ladder by which the chickens can access the coup, which sits around four feet above the ground — more than a little reminiscent of the column of light often seen beaming from UFOs of cartoon fame. A transparent viewing orb allows visitors and caretakers to get a glimpse inside the coup.

Source: Designboom