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Donald Trump named honorary Russian Cossack

Donald Trump named honorary Russian Cossack
Cossacks crossing the frozen Lake Baikal in 1905 (Image: P. F. Collier's photographer, digitised by Google Books)

10 November 2016

Cossacks in St Petersburg have named US President-elect Donald Trump an honorary Cossack.

The Irbis Cossack group have bestowed the honour on Mr Trump, and have even invited the President-elect’s entire family to visit them in St Petersburg. According to leader Ataman Andrey Polyakov, an “unforgettable programme” of traditional activities would enable Mr Trump to learn about “the mysterious Russian soul”.

The Cossacks are a clan traditionally loyal to the Tsar and now known for their conservative and ultra-patriotic views, serving as a traditional military orden and coming once again to prominence in Russian security affairs in recent years.

Source: The Moscow Times