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Enter the madcap fictional world of Lithuanian illustrator Egle Zvirblyte

19 January 2017

Step into the eccentric universe of Lithuanian illustrator Egle Zvirblyte, where primary colours, bold shapes and absurdity reign.

Zvirblyte’s zany characters and scenes take inspiration from everyday life, and come together to form a vivid fictional realm.

“[I create] fictional worlds, inventing characters to inhabit them,” she said in an interview with It’s Nice That. “They are all from one big comic saga with intertwining stories, I just keep jumping to different chapters. This world is wacky, zany, eccentric. There is a strong emphasis on composition, shapes and colours.”

Having gained an educational background in set design and film in the UK and Australia, and spent time developing projects in Japan, Bali and Spain, the now Vilnius-based artist focuses on themes such as “absurdity, sexuality and street culture” in her illustrative practice.

Although Zvirblyte mostly produces work digitally, she aspires to a more hands-on approach. “My dream project is to create a parade of huge inflatables that would end up being a big pool party. Let’s see if it happens!” she says. We hope we’re invited.

You can follow Zvirblyte’s practice on Instagram.