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Explore Budapest’s Bauhaus staircases with photographer Balint Alovits

26 January 2017

Hungarian photographer Balint Alovits shows a different side to Budapest in his series Time Machine, stepping inside the city’s underexplored Bauhaus-style architecture to reveal stunning staircases normally hidden from view.

The stairwells featured in Time Machine are rather different in style to how many imagine Budapest in their mind’s eye, with visitors flocking to take in the city’s Art Nouveau and Gothic architecture. In this series, Alovits highlights the Bauhaus style an important architectural movement in the Hungarian capital. From 1930 — 1948 Bauhaus was a dominant architectural tendency in the city, with northern districts such as Újlipotváros, which underwent transformation from industrial to residential areas, displaying a particularly strong Bauhaus influence.

“Looking at these spiral forms from a different perspective evokes the idea of an infinite vortex that feels out of this world,” says Alovits of his choice to photograph the staircases in isolation, extracting the staircases from their context. “Flip a switch in your mind and you’re staring into a time portal straight out of a sci-fi movie.”

Source: The Spaces