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Russia considers putting the brakes on lawbreaking sites

Russia considers putting the brakes on lawbreaking sites

13 March 2017

Fed up of foreign companies sidestepping punishment by the courts, Russian lawmakers are considering a new strategy — slowing down the websites of internet companies that violate Russian law.

According to a report by Russian newspaperVedemosti, the law would be aimed at companies that have been able to evade judgments from Russian courts because they are officially registered abroad. While initially proposed to target foreign companies such as Google, any new rules would allegedly also apply to Russian companies, according to the report.

Rather than pushing through new legislation, lawmakers are considering bringing in the new rules by amending Russia’s existing Yarovaya Law, a package of legal amendments intended to combat terrorism that was passed in 2016.

If you can’t beat ‘em, slow ‘em down.

Source: The Moscow Times