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Life’s about the little things for Lithuanian artist Kristina Suvorova

16 March 2017

Lithuanian artist Kristina Suvorova sees big stories in tiny details — you just have to look a little closer.

“I think little things matter the most,” she explains. When you examine these things, “the reward will be getting to know the secrets that they hold”.

The now Frankfurt-based artist is inspired by “nature, [...] brave souls, curiosity, freedom, childhood, fairytales and the universe,” and has a penchant for paradoxes. More recently, Suvorova has found herself pondering on the theme of individuality, and the richness of individual experience — her illustrations reflect on “thoughts, [...] love, happiness, loneliness and sadness”.

Now expanding her practice from illustration to include sculptures, small installations, and stories featuring both writing and artwork, Suvorova someday hopes to produce a book.

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