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Votives: Slovenian artist Aleksandra Domanović in Leeds show

Votives: Slovenian artist Aleksandra Domanović in Leeds show

22 March 2017

Aleksandra Domanović, <em>Calf Bearer</em>, 2017 (Mock-up)” src=”” style=“width: 900px; height: 2000px;” /></p>

<p>Berlin-based Slovenian artist Aleksandra Domanović‘s show <em>Votives</em> opens tomorrow at the Henry Moore Institute in Leeds, UK. The exhibition will showcase specially commissioned sculptures, bringing together the aesthetic of classical sculpture with reflection on ever-developing technology.</p>

<p> <!--read_more--></p><p>Examining the history and development of technology through a gender-conscious lens, Domanović presents new sculptures inspired by votive offerings — objects left in a sacred place for religious purposes — and made in the tradition of Greek <em>Korai </em>sculptures of female figures. Three of these figures hold offerings of animals or fruit, while another three are reimagined within the context of sport.</p>

<p>Alongside the votives are the <em>Paper Stacks</em>, a number of monolithic vertical monuments formed of over 10,000 sheets of stacked A4 paper in response to the proliferation and reproducibility of online images.</p>

<p>Fulfilling her brief to create works in response to the Henry Moore Institute’s building, Domanović places her monumental votive <em>Calf Bearer</em> (2017) in the central gallery. This sculpture, standing at over four metres high, is a nod both to contemporary research on molecular biology and the Greek sculpture <em>Moschophoros</em>, which depicts a man carrying a sacrificial calf on his shoulders. </p>

<p>In addition, <em>Votives</em> will also feature the moving image work <a href=Turbo Sculpture (2010-13), which centres on the artist’s interest in sculpture in the public sphere.

The exhibition is complemented by a programme of conferences and talks.

Votives will run at the Henry Moore Institute in Leeds, UK from 23 March — 11 June 2017. Find out more here.