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Russian menswear designer Maria Kazakova makes shortlist for LVMH Prize

29 March 2017

Siberia-born New York-based fashion designer Maria Kazakova has been named among the eight finalists of the LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers.

Kazakova made the shortlist after she presented her menswear brand Jahnkoy to international fashion experts in Paris earlier this month. Jahnkoy’s first post-graduate collection — comprising Kazakova’s degree collection The Displaced and a collaboration with Puma and Swarovski — made its debut at New York Fashion Week (Men’s) in January.

Meaning “New Spirit Village” in Crimean Tatar, Jahnkoy brings together streetwear and sportswear with motifs inspired by Crimean Tatar traditional dress, along with African, Indian and Native American heritage. The delicate embroidery that adorns many of Kazakova’s pieces speaks to the designer’s commitment to the preservation of dying handicraft techniques and to her stand against fast fashion.

The eight shortlisted designers will meet the members of the LVMH jury at the Fondation Louis Vuitton on 16 June, after which the winner will be selected.

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