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Former Leningrad star Alisa Vox hits out at protesters in new track

16 May 2017

A former vocalist for Russian rock group Leningrad, Alisa Vox, released the music video for Baby boy yesterday, a new pop track cautioning young men against attending political protests.

The clip for Baby boy sees Alisa Vox take on the role of a teacher, scolding and advising a schoolboy who has trouble with spelling and history but makes time to attend an anti-government rally — he would be better off “not getting into politics” but rather “studying materiel (military technology)”.

“It’s never too late to learn from mistakes. You want change, baby, then start with yourself,” she sings, in what seems like a musical ode to the widely reported (and well documented) rebukes many Russian high school and university students received from teachers for attending the anti-corruption rallies that took place throughout Russia on 26 March.

Today, Leningrad front man Sergey Shnurov (known as Shnur), famed for his colourful language, voiced his feelings about Baby boy in the form of an explicit poem, in which he argues that “kids are not fools” (along with some other choice words).

Shnur is also known for mocking Russian pop stars by covering their songs and then inviting them to appear with Leningrad live on stage — could Alisa Vox soon be back with the old gang?

Source: Meduza (in Russian)