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Shirting: share Slovenian fashion in London

Shirting: share Slovenian fashion in London
Shirt by Urška Hvalica / London. Image: shirting / Facebook

15 June 2017

I shirt, you shirt, he shirts, she shirts… “to shirt” isn’t used enough as a verb. At least that’s what the team behind Slovenian fashion-sharing initiative Shirting thinks.

At the heart of Shirting lies a simple question: why buy clothes if we can share them?

Forming part of Ljubljana’s 25th Biennial of Design, the project proposes a new model for fashion — sharing instead of ownership — with the aim of expanding access to clothes by Slovenian designers through wider circulation, as well as increasing sustainability.

On 21 June Shirting will introduce the project and launch London — Ljubljana, the ninth edition of the initiative. The past eight editions have seen 53 unique shirts by Slovenian designers worn by over 300 people around the world: in Istanbul, Sofia, Prague, Amsterdam, Paris, Bali, Basel, Salzburg, Stockholm, Berlin, London, New York, Montreal, Nicaragua, Panama, and India. Ten shirts by Slovenian designers will be available to wear during this edition (see all featured shirts here).

Find out more about Shirting here, and get full details of the 21 June event at southeast London’s Deptford Cinema here.