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Boring Kollektiv’s summer essentials: the urban alternative to collecting mushrooms

8 August 2017

Have you ever found you can’t get cool on a hot summer’s day? Or that you can’t find the perfect hat to keep you in the shade? Or maybe your sunglasses work as well as that broken fan in the corner of your room?

As a way to counter these almost-universal summertime traumas, art collective Boring Kollektiv embarked on a journey across Moscow to assemble the ideal second-hand kit for scorching summer days. Directed by Olya Korsun and Masha Frolova of Boring Kollektiv, the video of their exploits looks to revitalise idle objects that litter apartment blocks in Moscow, which were formerly essential objects for the Soviet experience of summer.

The kit is comprised of an array of vintage collector’s items, including a portable radio, vintage running shorts and a hand-painted summer hat, all of which have been scavenged, rescued and reincarnated by Avito, an online marketplace for secondhand goods.

Kollektiv hopes that their video — tinged with rose-tinted nostalgia — will encourage us to embark on our own expeditions, foraging through urban neighbourhoods in search of lost goods, remembering lost time. Perhaps, for those who don’t get to experience the blissful calm of collecting mushrooms in the countryside, a vintage treasure hunt could fill the gap as the summer continues its lazy path onwards.

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