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Meet the young Franco-Russian designer and her ‘blob-shaped’ porcelain bowls

Meet the young Franco-Russian designer and her ‘blob-shaped’ porcelain bowls

12 September 2017

Franco-Russian designer Alissa Volchkova is pushing the boundaries of porcelain with her unique style and innovative production methods.

Her newest designs entitled Liquid Series are currently on show at Paris Design Week, where she hopes to showcase the potential uses of porcelain, which she describes as a “fragile, precious matter”.

“I am breaking the codes of the traditional idea that we usually have of porcelain, that is supposed to be white, shiny, sometimes translucent, with perfect lines to be considered as luxurious. Here is the total opposite – the colours are flashy, very saturated, the lines are irregular,” Volchkova told Dezeen.

Each of her designs is made using a two-part process. First, a smooth shape is created by casting the bowl into a mould, after which Volchkova pours dyed porcelain around its edge to disrupt the perfect form and create irregular shapes.

“The final result is uncontrollable, determined by the unpredictable and spontaneous movement and kiln firing,” she added.

Volchkova’s work will be on show at the Now! Le Off exhibition from 9-13 September at the the Cité de la Mode et du Design in Paris. The festival takes place to coincide with the autumn edition of the biannual Maison&Objet trade fair.

For more information and images of Alissa Volchkova’s work, click here to visit her website.