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Russian ‘Your Ex-Girlfriend’ Telegram channel resold for $95,000

Russian ‘Your Ex-Girlfriend’ Telegram channel resold for $95,000
The Telegram application. Image: Desiree Catani under a CC licence

18 September 2017

The popular comedy channel on Russian social messaging app Telegram, initially sold last month for $20,500, has been resold again after just two weeks, and for over four times the price.

Your Ex-Girlfriend (Byvshaya in Russian) features posts from a fictional character about missing her ex-boyfriend, and amassed 30,000 followers in the first two weeks after its launch by the stand-up comedian Artur Chaparyan in June.

Many subscribers complained of excessive advertising on the channel after it changed ownership to the first buyer, who goes by the pseudonym Yura Korb. At the same time the number of subscribers rose to 92,000. On 15 September, according to report by RBC, the channel was bought by entrepreneur Ilya Marchenko on behalf of another buyer.

TJournal reported that the channel was bought by the founders of 4ch, communities on Russian social media that borrow the name from the infamous imageboard 4chan – the information was also confirmed by startup-focused website

With each post read by 290,600 people, the channel is currently the most viewed Telegram channel in Russia.