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Watch Monetochka’s dreamy new video

6 November 2017

Watch the new video by Russian internet pop sensation Monetochka.

Monetochka, whose real name is Liza Girdimova, is a 19-year-old singer from Yekaterinburg who shot to fame when her witty and charming indie songs went viral in early 2016. The video for the song called Last Disco is Monetochka’s first music video in the traditional sense — her previous videos were live recordings or clips of her singing in her bedroom captured on her laptop.

The new video references high school graduation parties and gives off strong Carrie vibes as it shows a young red-haired girl at a school dance. Monetochka’s singing in this video marks a departure from the traditional sound of children’s songs, as she moves into Lana Del Rey-inspired high school glamour territory.