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Sick of love? This Polish artist is creating vomit vases for your next break-up

2 January 2018

Polish artist Jakub Julian Ziolkowski embraces the grotesque, pairing skeleton motifs with delicately-painted images of bursting cpillaries. Now his series Sick of Love has seen the artist turn to ceramics in a bid to explore vases, vomit and break-ups.

Ziolkowski’s vases provide a “metaphoric receptacles for a cathartic purge” after the excesses of infatuation. Each is decorated with symbols of that physical anguish that accompanies failed relationships, evoking shamanistic and visceral themes.

The series forms one part of a wider exhibtion, Ian Moon, at London’s Hauser and Wirth. The show sees Ziolkowski explore his alter-ego — the titular Moon — amid an imaginary universe combining plaster sculpture, ceramics, wallpaper and work on canvas. While each piece is designed to be individually striking, together they create a mindscape which delves deeper into Ziolkowski’s emotional state and experiences.

Ian Moon will be showing at Hauser and Wirth London’s South Gallery until 10 February 2018.