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East: the new photo book exploring past and present in the Balkans

8 February 2018

Photographer Benedetta Ristori has spent the last three years documenting life on the Balkan peninsula, first hitting the road in 2015 as part of her photo series East: a project designed to explore the ever-changing relationship between past and present.

By spending time with local people, Ristori hoped to capture vibrant expressions of self and culture to contrast with the crumbling remains of socialism.

Shot on a 35mm analog camera to preserve a sense of distant nostalgia, the series travels through Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Moldova and Transnistria.

Now the Rome-born photographer has launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring the series together in a dedicated photobook release. She hopes to raise €5000 for a limited 300 book run.

To contribute to the campaign — or get copy of the book — you can find more information on the campaign page here.