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My Reality: the New York art installation inspired by Soviet playgrounds

14 March 2018

Russian designer Harry Nuriev has fused furniture and childhood memories for a new sculptural installation channeling the spirit and aesthetic of Soviet playgrounds.

Nuriev, who is now based in New York, unveiled My Reality at the Collective Design fair earlier this month with his company Crosby Studios.

Placed in a plush niche of eye-watering violet, the carousel forces visitors to work as a team in their bid spin each chair around the central wheel — a subtle nod to public playgrounds’ supposed egalitarian spirit.

The vibrant colours stand in stark contrast the the grey, brutalist tower blocks which surround the piece, driving home the deep divide between the colourful world of play and the colorless spaces of adulthood.

To see more of Nuriev’s work, visit his website by clicking here.