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Regolith: an immersive journey into the sound and texture of urban life

5 October 2021

When exploring the nature of creativity, we often focus on results, rather than process. Regolith, a project between fashion designer Nensi Avetisian, musician Karina Kazaryan (KP Transmission), and set designer Katya Starostina, instead allows the viewer to get close to the free-flowing process of collaboration — and all of its (sometimes literal) rough edges.

Regolith is an immersive study of textures: concrete, metal, rust, wire, fabric, and thread; the way these elements work together in an otherwise empty space. The film makes for a meditative and evocative watch. “We decided that the video would be about common techniques we all use in our works: materials, colours, textures,” says designer Nensi Avetisian. ”For example, Karina usually records different sounds from metal, rocks, and other found objects. Katya works with the same materials to make sculptures and create different parts for her set designs. And I also use a lot of 3D techniques like molding and pleating, and recycled old materials. All three of us work with tactile feelings.”

The sculptures by Katya Starostina which appear in the film are made from objects found around Moscow. They represent the physical appearance of Kazaryan’s music. “I was thinking about the sound and new musical instruments. What would those instruments look like if I connected these objects together? How would Karina interrogate those instruments?” the set designer asks.

Directed by Sasha Klimov, the film is essentially a documented performance rather than a process staged specifically for a film shoot. It captures the atmosphere and flow created when music, garments, and design all come together. “The art we make is about process, atmosphere, not about the final product,” the artists add. “We all question every step of what we are making. We create work upon which people will keep conferring new meanings. We don’t put those meanings into the work. We make the work to encourage this conferral process.”



Karina Kazaryan (KP Transmission)

Original composition:

Karina Kazaryan feat. Alina Petrova, Alina Anufrienko


Sasha Klimov


Konstantin Bushmanov

Editor & colorist:

Masha Kharitonova

Set designer:

Ekaterina Starostina


Nensi Avetisian

Make-up artist:

Sofya Kristallikova

Lighting designer:

Anna Kortyukova

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Regolith: an immersive journey into the sound and texture of urban life

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Regolith: an immersive journey into the sound and texture of urban life

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