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New east travel diaries

With breathtaking landscapes and a troubled history, the new east attracts travellers seeking the thrill of a journey into the unknown — sometimes without comfort or infrastructure. From a sacred salt lake in Russia to the steppes of Kyrgyzstan via a volcanic peninsula on the Pacific, this is a portfolio of visual reports from off the beaten track

Destination unknown: Two decades after independence, Armenia is still caught between past and future

Salt of the earth: How a remote lake in southern Russia became a people’s paradise

Off track: A guide to getting lost and finding yourself in Georgia without really trying

Into the wild: Exploring the harsh beauty of Kamchatka with a video camera

Pedal pushers: Meet the art collective trailblazing across rural Ukraine by bike

High plains drifter: Getting back to nature in Kyrgyzstan, a land where time flows slow

Road to Altai: A 953km trip through southern Russia becomes a journey into the Soviet past

Days without sun: Winter comes to a summer resort in Crimea