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Anna Sopova & Antanas Yacinevichyus

Anna Sopova (b. 1987) is a Moscow-based artist working with installations, sculptural objects, photography, and 3D graphics. Antanas Jacinevicius (b. 1988, Moscow) uses such media as sound, installation, and digital art to describe reality through various systems. Their works have been exhibited in the parallel program of the 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art and at many group shows across Russia, as well as at the Suoja/ Shelter festival in Helsinki.

Collaborating since 2017, Sopova and Jacinevicius create installations and sculptural objects using interdisciplinary and interactive art practices. The duo’s approach is based on the proclamation of the values of friendship and communication, which are opposed by managerial strategies for maintaining performance indicators. Engaging with sociocultural studies, they analyse their impact on contemporary art, media culture, and communication.

Recommended by Olga Deryugina