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Wish you were here: postcard views from strikingly empty resorts

Polish photographer Adam Wilkoszarski travels from one resort to the next looking for quiet spots to unwind

The perfect vacation is a picture of calm. Yet how many holidays actually resemble those peaceful postcard views? For the last few years, Polish photographer Adam Wilkoszarski has travelled from one resort to the next looking for quiet spots to unwind. He says he found those moments of serenity in the off-season, when resorts close their doors to visitors. Taken at lakeside cabins and woodland campsites across Poland, Romania and Finland, Wilkoszarski’s landscapes conjure the rare feeling you get on holiday when time seems to slow down or stop altogether. “In each of these places you can feel the gentle but still palpable trace of memories,” the photographer says of his starkly empty views. He deliberately wanted to obscure the locations and create a series that is more poetic than documentary. “The idea behind the project has changed since its inception. The pictures are not focused on one resort or another. Actually it’s about a universal place that we all have in our minds. For me its a longing for the holidays of my childhood.”