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Support emerging Latvian creatives with Jezga Magazine

Support emerging Latvian creatives with Jezga Magazine

24 May 2018

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A new magazine promoting Latvia’s vibrant creative community needs your support to release its first print issue.

Curated by Latvian-born photographer Anna Rosova and British graphic designer Will Meighan, Jezga Magazine hopes to promote the best young Latvian artists, writers, photographers and designers.

“Since Latvia exited the Soviet Union in 1991, it has grown and developed, with a wealth of new energy in different art forms”, the pair say. “This relatively new independence has resulted in blooming creativity. We believe there is a point of view in Latvia that has been largely unseen outside its borders – a country where east meets west.”

The team are crowdfunding £2,000 to kickstart the magazine’s first print issue, which is already in production. Distribution will initially focus on Latvia and the UK, with shipping available worldwide.

To read more about the magazine, or to fund its campaign, click here.